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We know buying, selling and investing in property can be overwhelming and stressful. We have designed this platform to make it easier for you to see market trends and make the most out of your money.

We compare houses, apartments and land prices. We report on increases and decreases from the original listing price. We also recommend areas trending down in price for potential investment opportunities.

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Spachus Daily City Percentages

The increase and decrease percentages are the averages of all currently listed property excluding sold. The below tracks the daily change of these averages. Data collected from June 2022 to now.

Yesterday Today Daily Change
Adelaide -4.33% -4.39% -0.06%
Brisbane -2.83% -2.78% 0.05%
Gold Coast -4.20% -4.49% -0.29%
Hobart -6.64% -6.60% 0.04%
Melbourne -4.68% -4.62% 0.06%
Perth -2.36% -2.35% 0.01%
Sunshine Coast -3.68% -3.70% -0.02%
Sydney -1.75% -1.66% 0.09%
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